It Infra Managed Services

Engage us to transform traditional service desk in to completely trained and customized 360 Degree Service Desk with ITOSSINDIA. We are experts in transforming and uniting teams to cater to your users. We work extraordinary and deliver splendid customer experience. We provide Single point of contact for all your user needs in one click. With our alignments with work class tools and practices we offer completely integrated platform to our customers.

We deliver your organization 98% + Uptime and ensure that you get the best efficiency, accessibility and higher availability so that your user get complete peace of mind and get full support from technology perspective to accomplish their tasks Our SLA management & reporting team monitors the availability and performance of your critical applications and ensure that you consistently deliver on service commitments. Our daily, weekly, monthly and/or on-demand SLA reports for consumers provides insights on:
  • Whether we meet your expectations
  • Up to Date SLA Commitment Vs Achievements.
  • SLA Deviation report.
  • SLA violations to insure refunds/settlements.
Our SLA reporting for you as a service provider:
  • Showcase your customers that you are focused on maintaining their uptime
  • SLA uptime achievement reporting
  • Shows them actual uptime of your service/application
  • Enables you to identify responsible stakeholders for SLA breaches.

Manage all your customer service operations more efficiently, and set your own service desk workflow with flexible, workflow automation service. We automate your entire help-desk process to eliminate redundant activities that take up a lot of efforts and time if executed manually. Our automation service enables you to organize all your IT service requests, assign raised tickets to respective engineers and prioritize the same for better customer experience.

Maximize productivity by optimizing your asset utilization Increase organizational efficiency by managing IT and non-IT assets. Research shows that up to a staggering 80% of IT Assets are underutilized, placing a massive strain on budgets and productivity. IT Asset Management is central to an organization’s infrastructure and ensuring proper operation, maintenance and utilization of IT Assets is key. On a conservative estimate – where organizations deploy an asset management software effectively vs. not deploying any solution – the gains can be over several times the investments. While focus of IT Asset Management has been traditionally managing hardware and software related to IT infrastructure, there is a need to establish a unified asset management from complete asset lifecycle from asset requisition to disposal. To help you manage your assets across organization efficiently and keep track of their whereabouts from different locations. Asset Management to know what assets you have, where they are, who uses them, how they are configured, and what they cost. Asset Management automates your IT asset lifecycles with workflows. It tracks the financial, contractual, and inventory details of hardware and devices, as well as nonIT assets, throughout their lifecycles. Once an asset is deployed, Asset Management records all maintenance activity and enables you to perform regular audits, right up until asset retirement. Asset Management covers services such as Hardware & Software Asset Management, Agent-based & Agent-less Asset Discovery, Software License Management, Software Variance Reporting, Software License Compliance, Software Usage Metering, Software Delivery Management and Application Control. The solution also comes in an enterprise version which includes Application Control, Dynamic Admin Password Management & Endpoint Compliance.